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Google Production Designer Contract Position

Production Designer

Employment Type: Contractor

Job Category: IT/Software Development


Graphic Design

Web Design – USER Experience

Locations: Mountain View, California, US

Desired Start Date: June 15, 2014

Duration: 6 months – 1 year

Approximate hours per week: 40

Paid: yes

Salary Range: $20 – $50/hour


At Google, we’re looking for meticulous Production Designers who can take ownership and identify opportunities to communicate to deliver the highest-quality assets to the User Experience designers and engineers alike. The key is attention to detail and eagerness to work as a supporting designer for a team of designers.


Job Qualifications:


Best in class portfolio demonstrating top notch production design skills for web and mobile platforms.

Significant organizational and process skills; ability to both implement efficient working processes as well as process-automation tools.

Strong attention to detail and zero tolerance for design inconsistency.

Excellent communication, presentation, documentation, interpersonal and analytical skills.

Confidence in technical knowledge to be able to communicate expectations accurately with engineers and UX.

Project management skills related to planning, allocating and communicating.

Commitment to and interest in production design; this position is not specifically a stepping stone to a UX design role.



1-5 years of experience as a production designer, software development environment preferred.

Understanding of content management systems and automation tools for asset creation.

Solid understanding of regional needs for asset localization.

Ability to improve UX with good rationale.


Job Description:


Deliver highest-quality digital assets for designs that range across multiple devices and regions.

Translate designs into assets, organize them, and communicate them in a way that they can be visually referenced and integrated by UX and engineering teams.

Implement working processes for asset production as well as methods for efficiency and communication.


Application Method:

Please email resume and portfolio link.

Contact Information:

[remove spaces] sarratt @ google . com

Vivian Sarratt

UX Design Producer