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January Exhibitions 1/4 - 1/29

不生不滅( Neither Produced nor Destroyed), 24x48

625 Sutter Gallery

Jason Chi-Han Cheng - Under The Skin - Remnants

Artist Reception: Thursday, January 5th, 5:30-7:30pm

Superimposing portraits of his grandfather over backgrounds of original tattoo designs, Jason Chi-Han Cheng narrates and commemorates this cherished personal heritage in Under The Skin - Remnants. The distinctive aspects of the tattoo process serve as a visual testament to the memory fragments - the remnants - left behind. “We all have remnants in our life,” says Cheng. “What motivated me to create this series of paintings was the distinctiveness of the tattooing process and its ability to narrate the remnants my grandfather left me with fragments.”

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Jason Chi-Han Cheng lived in many countries throughout his childhood. He completed his BFA in Painting at Australia’s National Art School in 2012 and his MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University in 2016. He has earned numerous accolades and awards and his work has appeared in the /sanctuary group show at the deYoung museum. Today Cheng lives and works as a fine artist in San Francisco. Under The Skin - Remnants is his debut solo exhibition.

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688 Sutter Gallery

Angela Lilian Chen - Passing Embrace

Artist Reception: Thursday, January 5th, 5:30-7:30pm

Life is full of moments that seem to just pass right by us. Especially in our contemporary lifestyles, there is often a desire to slow down, embrace the moment, and contemplate silence. Passing Embrace is Angela Lilian Chen’s photographic celebration of the fleeting moment, appreciating a significance that may not at first seem apparent.

“Moments like these are not always perfect - the overslept morning, the leaking pen, the balance of work and social pressures,” says Chen. “More than often do we hope these moments pass quickly, allowing us to move on to more positive mindsets. However, these imperfect moments that we give little significance, add to the significance of our daily triumphs.”

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Angela Lilian Chen has always been drawn to creative pursuits, whether they be painting on canvas or coding on a computer. After completing her BA in English Literature at UC Berkeley in 2013, Chen drew upon her literary experience as fuel for her visual art studies, entering the Masters program at Academy of Art University and completed her MFA in Photography in 2016. 

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card front

Cannery Suite 110

Elliott C. Nathan - Finding Balance

Artist Reception: Thursday, January 5th, 5:30-7:30pm

Chronicling his artistic output since arriving in San Francisco in 2010, Elliott C. Nathan's Finding Balance presents the artist's eclectic take on the creative process, finding his inspiration in the materials as they are employed. The focus is always on the elements themselves: color, line, texture, and their interactions: layering, arranging, starting over. Through exploration of the parts, the whole is achieved and form is determined. 

"I’m drawn to bright colors and contrast, which is the driving force of this series,” says Nathan. “Creating art is a pleasure and finding balance helps close each piece to move on to the next.” 

Elliot C. Nathan began drawing at an early age and stayed with it throughout his educational career, keeping the artistic spark alive through elective classes while majoring in business in the School of fine Arts at University of Connecticut. He moved to San Francisco in 2010 and has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, focusing on large scale commissioned pieces and murals.

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on model print

435 Jefferson Gallery 

Xiaomin Li - The Contrast of Animate and Inanimate by Wearable Forms

Artist Reception: Thursday, January 5th, 5:30-7:30pm

Exploring the point at which organic forms translate into geometric patterns, Xiaomin Li’s The Contrast of Animate and Inanimate by Wearable Forms takes inspiration from the design structures found in various species of cactus. Using advanced stone-setting techniques, Li recreates the forms found in saguaro, prickly pear, and peyote cacti, each of which has its distinctive morphology. “I try to change the feeling of coldness, lifelessness, and voicelessness about metal,” says Li. “I would like to bring the feeling of living things into my jewelry works. My works tell their own stories as living creatures.”

Xiaomin Li dreamed of painting as a toddler, but it was in middle school that she began her formal artistic training, eventually entering Anhui Normal University, where she earned her BFA in Painting in 2009. She went on to complete her MFA in Painting at Hefei University of Technology in 2012. After moving to the San Francisco bay area, Li decided to explore the tactile three-dimensional aspects of Jewelry Design. She entered the Masters program at Academy of Art University and completed a second MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts in 2016.

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Cannery Suite 112

Selected Works from Fine Art Sculpture

Artists Reception: Thursday, January 5th, 5:30-7:30pm

We’re always excited to see what’s happening in the different schools within Academy of Art University, and so we are proud to host Selected Works from Fine Art Sculpture, highlighting the latest works at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Sculpture remains one of the most accessible media of artistic expression and can also one of the most expressive. Whether realized in ceramic, metal, wood, or stone, the narrative aspects of these pieces both challenge and inspire the viewer to supply their own interpretations and draw their own conclusions. 

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