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December Exhibitions 11/30 - 1/1


625 Sutter Gallery

J. Jason Lazarus - Stories Fading Fast: Capturing the Remnants of the Alaska Gold Rush

Artist Reception: Thursday, December 1st, 5:30-7:30pm

The stories of the Klondike Gold Rush have long since been immortalized in the fictional tales of Jack London and Robert Service, yet the plight of the common man forging a home out of the unexplored tundra remains untold. J. Jason Lazarus shines a light on this disappearing heritage in his photo series Stories Fading Fast: Capturing the Remnants of the Alaska Gold Rush. Combining digital and traditional methods, he creates images that span the passage of time and seem to reawaken long dormant ghosts, still busy at their unfinished work.

“Hidden within the thick boreal forests of Alaska lie the overgrown remnants of the abandoned mines, dredges, and Gold Rush communities that define our rich and fabled mining past,” says Lazarus. “These neglected relics may seem like empty husks of their former selves, idle for the last 60 years, but to the careful visitor their walls vibrate, their machines hum, and the air is alive with the latent life force of those that once called these places home.”

Alaska-based photographer and educator J. Jason Lazarus has been teaching photography at University of Alaska, Fairbanks since 2005, specializing in alternative and historical processes. He completed his MFA in Photography at Academy of Art University in 2014.


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688 Sutter Gallery

2016 Summer Semester Abroad - Selected Works From A Sumer In Italy

Artist Reception: Thursday, December 1st, 5:30-7:30pm

For many years now, our annual Summer Semester Abroad has inspired Academy artists to take to the hills, fields, and city streets of Italy in the plein air painting tradition. Working on location, they capture the essence of place and moment in spontaneous sketches, watercolors, and alla-prima oil paintings. This exhibition represents a selection of the works created during the Summer 2016 semester.


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Atelier Gallery

Ignacio Umana - Quietness 37°45’31” N - 122°30’39” W

Continuing Exhibition

Like many San Franciscans, Ignacio Umana has discovered that Ocean Beach is a perfect place for reflection and meditation. His photo series Quietness 37°45’31” N - 122°30’39” W realizes his unwinding from the distractions of daily life to a state of inner calm through a series of timed exposures made during his process of meditation. The resulting images blur movement into abstract forms, compressing time and motion into a single moment.

“This project is about that process of slowing down and seeking those experiences of calmness,” says Umana. “This is why the resulting images are long exposures which talk more about the experience of calmness and peacefulness during the days that I go there. The long exposures are a result of me timing myself, each time to see how long it took me to reach a state of quietness in mind.”

As a child in Colombia, Ignacio Umana was a great observer of his surroundings. An introvert by nature, he began to see photography as a tool to observe his surroundings without interaction. Early work included photographing local indigenous tribes, which led to work in television production. Seeking further artistic fulfillment, Umana joined the Master’s program at Academy of Art University in 2013 and received his MFA in Photography in 2016.


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Beevers Necklace

435 Jefferson Gallery

MFA Jewelry/Metal Arts - Past, Present, Future

Continuing Exhibition

Concepts of jewelry are constantly evolving, from innovations along traditional lines to adventurous creations that are best described as wearable sculpture. Past, Present, Future showcases a cross-section of the latest works by our Jewelry and Metal Arts MFA students.


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