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November Exhibitions 11/2 - 11/27


Atelier Gallery

Ignacio Umana - Quietness 37°45’31” N - 122°30’39” W

Artist Reception: Thursday, November 3rd 5:30-7:30pm

Like many San Franciscans, Ignacio Umana has discovered that Ocean Beach is a perfect place for reflection and meditation. His photo series Quietness 37°45’31” N - 122°30’39” W realizes his unwinding from the distractions of daily life to a state of inner calm through a series of timed exposures made during his process of meditation. The resulting images blur movement into abstract forms, compressing time and motion into a single moment.

“This project is about that process of slowing down and seeking those experiences of calmness,” says Umana. “This is why the resulting images are long exposures which talk more about the experience of calmness and peacefulness during the days that I go there. The long exposures are a result of me timing myself, each time to see how long it took me to reach a state of quietness in mind.”

As a child in Colombia, Ignacio Umana was a great observer of his surroundings. An introvert by nature, he began to see photography as a tool to observe his surroundings without interaction. Early work included photographing local indigenous tribes, which led to work in television production. Seeking further artistic fulfillment, Umana joined the Master’s program at Academy of Art University in 2013 and received his MFA in Photography in 2016.

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Beevers Necklace

435 Jefferson Gallery

MFA Jewelry/Metal Arts - Past, Present, Future

Artist Reception: Thursday, November 3rd 5:30-7:30pm

Concepts of jewelry are constantly evolving, from innovations along traditional lines to adventurous creations that are best described as wearable sculpture. Past, Present, Future showcases a cross-section of the latest works by our Jewelry and Metal Arts MFA students.

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688 Sutter Gallery

Rachel Liu - Witness

Artist Reception: Thursday, November 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm

Considering the landscape as a physical record of change, Rachel Liu’s Witness seeks out the the forgotten stories left behind in the wake of shifting progress. These narrative clues function as focal points that provide windows into forgotten pasts and abandoned futures anachronistically framed by the present.

“Witness is comprised of a series of black and white landscape photographs of my adopted homeland, the Silicon Valley, that invites contemplation and reflection upon this land that has witnessed and endured many changing economic forces and boom-and-bust economic cycles," says Liu. “By looking back to history, to remnants of the past, to marginalized communities, and landscapes in transition juxtaposing traces of the old and new, these images offer an alternative story to the conventional belief of Silicon Valley as the archetypal promised land of opportunity.” 

Originally from Qingdao, China, Rachel Liu takes a project based approach, choosing traditional or alternative photographic processes to suit the subject at hand. She has produced large-scale landscapes and figurative works, as well as installation pieces that blur the boundary between photography and sculpture. Liu completed her MFA in Photography at Academy of Art University in 2015. Today she lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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625 Sutter Gallery

Gregory Beams - Technology's Promises

Continuing Exhibition

Gregory Beams has always thought of himself as something of an outsider, a sort of independent viewer watching life unfold from behind a window. His photo series Technology’s Promises reflects that sense of separation and observation.

“It’s important that my photography be based in reality, that they reflect an urban environment that feels familiar to people when they see them,” says Beams. “Equally important is the sense of something missing, something not quite right within the photograph that requires the viewer to resolve.”

Born in the suburbs north of Seattle, Washington, Gregory Beams didn’t begin to seriously explore photography until later in life. In 2011 he began to pursue his MFA degree at Academy of Art University, where he is expected to graduate in the fall of 2016. Beams still lives and produces most of his work in the Seattle area.

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