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August Exhibitions 8/3 - 8/28


435 Jefferson Gallery

Azita Mireshghi - Nature As Empowerment

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 4th, 5:30-7:30pm

Designed to to evoke feelings of strength and courage, Azita Mireshghi’s jewelry series Nature As Empowerment translates heroic imagery into talisman-like wearable forms. Tribal patters, biomorphic shapes, and armor motifs stand out as keynote themes rendered in metals and organic materials. Keeping close to nature, Mireshghi incorporates animal themes into the construction and design, blurring arbitrary boundaries between man and nature.

“Nature’s mystery, beauty, and power inspires me and helps me stay grounded in the chaos that confines me,” says Mireshghi. “When I connect with nature, I feel its energy and strength calming and centering.”

Azita Mireshghi completed her MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts at Academy of art University in 2016. She has participated in several group exhibitions and won First Place MFA award in the Academy’s 2015 Spring Show. Nature As Empowerment is her debut solo exhibition.

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Cannery Suite 112

Isabelle Peeren - Swept Away by San Franciscans

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 4th, 5:30-7:30pm

Isabelle Peeren’s Swept Away by San Franciscans aims to capture the spirit of city’s diverse population going about their daily lives. Taking an expressive approach, she combines warm and cool tones along with light and shadow to create vibrant scenes with dynamic atmosphere. 

Peeren first came to the Bay Area in the early sixties, and was immediately captivated by the colorful characters she met. “I met hippies running around on LSD, transvestites, and a prostitute with the sweetest personality,” she says. “Even now, in my mid-sixties, I love the diversity of San Franciscans.”

Peeren’s artistic quest began at the age of five when she she was first introduced to watercolor and crayons. She took her first art class in the south of France, and earned her BA in Painting at San Jose State University in 1995. She completed her MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University in 2016 and assures us that her artistic journey is far from finished.

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Belleza de la Tierra PRINT.jpg

Cannery Suite 110

Abigail Gomez - Roots: La Cuba de Mi Bisabuelo

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 4th, 5:30-7:30pm

Abigail Gomez’s Roots: La Cuba de Mi Bisabuelo is a visual exploration of her experiences traveling to the cities of her ancestral homeland. Incorporating underlying textures that do not directly correspond to the surface imagery, Gomez presents compelling parallel narratives that unify to create an overall impression.

“I have drawn on both atmosphere and location as sources for subject matter, along with my emotional responses to these times, locations, elements, and spaces,” says Gomez. “I have created the paintings in this series using a combination of structural elements inspired by the intricate Spanish styled iron-work evident on Cuban homes, along with abstracted imagery of more natural scenes found in the countryside of Pinar del Rio and Havana provinces.” 

Abigail Gomez Received her BFA in Studio Art from Virginia Tech in 2007, and went on to complete her MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University in 2015. She is the owner and teaching artist at Pretty Girl Painting, a fine art and mural painting business in Winchester, Virginia. She also teaches art at numerous schools, museums, and clubs in the Shenandoah Valley, and facilitates mural projects in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. 

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688 Sutter Gallery

Christine Taylor - In Bloom

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 4th, 5:30-7:30pm

Exploring the correlations between personal growth and the development of a flower, Christine Taylor’s In Bloom illustrates how young minds are too often pushed into adult roles and become liable to losing sight of the ongoing development of self-awareness. “An individual on their path to self-empowered realization is a process of growth that can be paralleled to the blossoming of a flower,” says Taylor. “These paintings emphasize being conscious of and embracing both strengths and weaknesses to mature toward independence.” Uniting color, flowers, and female figures, she presents her realization of the process of developing into a young woman. 

Christine Taylor is currently working towards her BFA in Painting at Academy of Art University and is in track to graduate in 2017. Her work has been featured in numerous group shows and pop-up events. In Bloom is her debut solo exhibition.

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625 Sutter Gallery

MFA Photo - The Photography Intensive

Artist Reception: Thursday, August 4th, 5:30-7:30pm

The Photography Intensive is an MFA course designed around creating a series of photographs working within the confines of shooting in a single location (The Marin Headlands) during a condensed period of time (the summer semester).  Each student is challenged to create their own visual resolution of their experience photographing at the Marin Headlands.  The culmination of this class is represented in the work exhibited here in the Academy of Art Gallery, 625 Sutter Street.

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