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James Kroner, AAU Emerging Artist for February

James Kroner, AAU Emerging Artist for February

We were lucky enough to get a studio visit with AAU’s James Kroner, who is hard at work preparing his master’s thesis presentation as well as completing works for his upcoming exhibit at the Atelier in February. James takes a distinctive, yet straightforward approach to his landscapes, whether they be plein air studies or fully developed studio pieces, and demonstrates the value of a solid foundational education.

“It’s amazing what you can do with three primary colors,” explains James, who keeps his work direct and vigorous by focusing on  a limited palette, painting outside the studio as often as possible, and finding inspiration in the subtle but powerful effects of nature in the environment. Sun, wind, fog, and rain are recurring characters in these lively paintings, which offer a fresh new look at our familiar city.

James’ exhibit “Energy In Nature” will be showing at The Atelier in February and March of 2014, and is part of our Emerging Artist series. You can see many of these paintings, and lots of others, on his Facebook page at: