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Five New Exhibits at AAU Galleries in December

Five New Exhibits at AAU Galleries in December

Once again, it’s our favorite time of the month; that magical evening when you can wander from gallery to gallery, visiting all the latest opening night receptions and rubbing elbows with fellow fellow art lovers and artists: First Thursday. And this month the AAU galleries are back in full swing with five new exhibits you simply have to see. From 5:30 – 7:30 you can stop by, check out the latest work from AAU’s rising stars, and meet the artists in person.

At The Cannery, we have three exciting exhibits in one location. Orly Ruaimi’s “Graffiti + Fashion,” graffiti themed paintings and the jewelry they inspire, is in Suite 112. These pieces are all “smart” artworks that you can scan with a smart device for additional information. Ruaimi’s work is energetic and exciting, and you’ll have plenty of questions for her.

Next door in Suite 110 is Beom Jun (Jason) Lee’s “Balanscapes.” As you move through the series of photographs, you’ll quickly see what makes them so special. Jason finds an interesting architectural facade, waits for the exact moment when a passerby reaches the perfect point to balance and complete the picture, and snaps the shutter. It’s a fun and imaginative look at our familiar city.

Moving into Suite 108, you’ll encounter Shannon Brett’s “Phosphorescence,” a dazzling display of paintings that glow with inner light and vitality. Some of the paintings are of circus performers, taking daredevil risks to entertain. Others are intense portrait pieces that shine with the light of galaxies and nebulae. All of them make a powerful impression.

Five New Exhibits at AAU Galleries in December

Downtown at 625 Gallery you can see Ryan McClymont’s “Home Front,” a photographic project unlike any other. Combining portraits of actual veterans with photos of toy action figures, then cutting into strips and interweaving them into complex and thought provoking images, Ryan draws on his own experience as an Iraq war veteran coming to terms with the complex issues of military service.

At The Atelier, Nick Gutierrez’s “Extended Reality” begins with themes and settings from his favorite films, and uses them as a starting point to explore new dimensions. Creating new characters and narratives, he builds luxurious movie-still scenes that recall aspects of their original film inspiration. Intense and sometimes surrealistic, the photographs all proclaim Nick’s characteristic appreciation of beauty.

Feeling ambitious enough to try for all five openings in a single grand slam? With a little ingenuity you can do it! Start downtown, where The Atelier and 625 Sutter Galleries are within walking distance, and taxis are plentiful. Then grab a cab to The Cannery, and enjoy the rest of the evening at Fisherman’s Wharf.

For more information on the individual artists and exhibits, follow the gallery links at the top of the page.