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Cannery Suite 104

Alison Ye – Pain, Recovery, And Loving Again

Artist Reception October 1st, 5:30-7:30pm


Through the creation of fantastical figures, Alison Ye’s sculpture series Pain, Recovery, And Loving Again chronicles the cycle of love, heartbreak, and self-healing that lies at the heart of the human search for meaningful relationship. Ye’s whimsical characters are like actors in a pantomime stage play, portraying subtle emotions through gesture and expression, without the mitigating factors of realistic human representation.

“I love letting my imagination run crazy,” says Ye. “I create different cute characters that live in a fantasyland. They play out the real lives of my friends and I, but in a different world.” Wonder, regret, surprise, reflection, each work begins with an emotional seed. Ye draws the characters first, then translates them to into clay and metal sculptures, taking full advantage of the virtually unlimited capabilities of current sculptural media and techniques.

Alison Ye was born in China in 1990. She received her BFA in Ceramics from Sichuan Fine Art Institute, and is currently pursuing her MFA in Sculpture at Academy of Art University. Her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions throughout California and has earned several awards, including Best In Show for MFA Sculpture at AAU Spring Show 2015.

Cannery Suite 108

Orly Ruaimi – Free Yourself to be Fearless

Artist Reception October 1st, 5:30-7:30pm


Orly Ruaimi’s Free Yourself to be Fearless questions the relationship between body and adornment through large-scale reconstructions of fashion wearables and abstract paintings. Manipulating materials such as repurposed steel, bicycle chains, and refrigeration pipes, Ruaimi challenges the wearer to reexamine long-held perceptions of beauty.

“Instead of serving to adorn the human figure, these pieces begin to consume the wearer,” says Ruaimi, “wrapping them in a sense of security while also confining or trapping them in a hard shell of their exterior facade.” By creating jewelry out of industrial materials, she draws attention to unlikely juxtapositions of size, weight, and finish against a fashion esthetic, ultimately embracing the sculptural nature of these forms as they seem to consume their wearer.

Orly Ruaimi has been quite busy since launching her own jewelry company in 2012. In addition to her debut solo exhibition Graffiti+Fashion at The Cannery Galleries in 2013, Ruaimi has participated in numerous group shows and featured her Cyborg Collection at a Pop-Up Shop at Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Finance at George Mason University in 2007, and her MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts at Academy of Art University in 2015. She creates all of her artworks by hand at her studio in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Cannery Suite 110

Rentian Qiu – Endearing

Continuing Exhibition


Rentian Qiu’s Endearing Is an intimate portrait series based on people with whom he shares a strong emotional bond.

“These people are important to me because I understand them and they understand me, says Qiu. “When I paint them, I can feel empathy with them, and it is much easier to relate to them emotionally.” Combining a traditional Asian approach to art, which seeks to avoid disrupting the two-dimensional picture plane, with a western willingness to suggest three-dimensional depth through pictorial illusion, Qiu achieves a surprisingly smooth fusion that respects both traditions without seeming contrived.

Originally from China, Rentian Qiu began his formal art education at Torin Academy of Fine Art in Tokyo, Japan. He later attended Academy of Art University and completed his BFA in Painting in 2014. Qiu won first prize for a fire alert poster competition, and has participated in group exhibitions in San Francisco and Pacifica. Endearing is his debut solo exhibition.

Cannery Suite 112

Yifan Qi – Exploration

Artist Reception October 1st, 5:30-7:30pm


Yifan Qi’s figurative painting series Exploration depicts the artists investigation of his newly adopted culture through contemporary and vintage toys. Viewing toys as cultural icons, Qi employs them as a window or lens through which to examine a side of America that long-time residents might take for granted. Divorced from their familiar and sometimes commercial context, the colorful characters are free to assume other roles and meanings.

“In the process of buying toys, I can talk with the sellers as well as learn about culture.” says Qi. “Every time I saw these old toys, I really wanted to know everything about them. Where did they come from? How old are these toys? What is their background story?” By depicting the toys in real-world backgrounds, Qi disrupts standard perceptions of toys as inanimate pawns of a child’s playtime, and reveals their underlying iconic or corporate subtext.

Yifan Qi was born in Zhengzhou City, China in 1988. He received his BFA in Traditional Chinese Painting from the Xi’an Academy of fine Arts in 2011, and entered the master’s program at Academy of Art University immediately thereafter. Qi is on track to complete his MFA in Painting in the Spring of 2015. Exploration is his debut solo exhibition.

625 Sutter Gallery

Deepa Kataria – Graphic Interpretations of Urban Landscape

Artist Reception October 1st, 5:30-7:30pm


Finding inspiration in the compositional elements inherent in the contemporary urban environment, Deepa Kataria’s Graphic Interpretations of Urban Landscape mirrors the way disparate urban architectural elements play off one another to form a homogenized cityscape. Her method avoids literal depiction, yet remains rooted in recognizable urban motifs.

“I use several different photographs taken from different locations of city environments for my inspiration,” says Kataria. She begins by analyzing the compositional elements of a photograph, then sketching them on the canvas in charcoal. She then blocks in areas of color in oils. The process then reverts to another photograph, and additional layers of charcoal sketch and oil colors. Colors are heavily grayed, and contrast is largely limited to value and temperature, though dashes of highly keyed chroma punctuate in a distinctively urban manner.

Deepa Kataria’s early education was in Computer Networking Technologies, in which she earned her AAS degree from Technical Career Institute of New York. She has studied abroad in Paris and completed a Semester at Sea through University of Virginia. She received her BFA in Painting and Photography at Rutgers University in 2007, and is currently working towards her MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University, where she is on track to graduate in 2015.

425 Jefferson Gallery

Academy Showcase

Artist Reception October 1st, 5:30-7:30pm


Featuring the latest works by Amber Allen, Jihoon Choi, and Elena Padron-Martin, AAU Galleries newest space is located in the front of the historic Cannery Building, but is still accessible from the courtyard where the other four Cannery Galleries are located. Different address, but still the same building!