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Cannery Galleries

20th Annual Faculty+Alumni Fine Art Auction

Saturday November 14th 2015:  Reception 2:00pm, Live Auction 3:00pm


November is always our favorite time of year, because that’s the month we ask Academy of Art Faculty and Alumni to dig deep and bring out whatever works they have hidden away in their studios and put them up on the auction block. And as in the 19 years past, they never fail to surprise us with all the amazing things that come to light: paintings, drawings, jewelry, sculpture, it’s all here! The 20th Annual fine Art Auction promises to be every bit the gala event that it’s always been, and whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, this is a great chance to buy some fantastic art.

Preview all auction items November 12th – 13th, from 10:00am – 6:00pm at The Cannery Galleries

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Atelier Gallery

Ah-young Jeon – Never Again

Artist Reception November 20th, 6:00-8:00pm


Ah-young Jeon’s Never Again seizes on the impossibility of re-experiencing a moment in time, or even of experiencing that moment in the same way as someone else, and presents us with snapshot glimpses of reality frozen in motion. “I believe that everything is held together by our memories of experience, ultimately making each action from that experience completely unique to history,” says Jeon. “The idea of living in the moment becomes more precious, and a deeper understanding of originality is realized. As an artist I am interested in watching the flow of materials, while trying to manage and also witness their nature.”

Adopting a small format for the majority of the pieces, Jeon keeps the scope personal and intimate. Mixed media collage techniques form a framework for further manipulation through paint and application of found objects. The result suggests reality filtered through the reactions of an unseen viewer, reactions that we can see and experience, but perhaps not readily understand.

625 Sutter Gallery

Calvin Lai – Divergent Tendencies

Artist Reception November 5th, 5:30-7:30pm


Rebelling against his own perceptions of the confines of realistic painting, Calvin Lai takes inspiration from his inherently contrarian nature and renders it on the canvas unresolved, preserving the contrasts in their most basic state. His figurative series Divergent Tendencies combines flawlessly rendered realism with emotionally charged expressionist techniques, resulting in a unique contrast that is difficult to label but easy to access.

“I’m fascinated with how to combine near photographic rendering alongside the roughness of the palette knife or the randomness of a loaded brush,” says Lai. “Through my process, I find that each piece I paint becomes another opportunity for my technical side and my expressive side to find common ground. A place where the traditional and the contemporary work together.” Lai seeks out constructive tension, and gravitates toward subjects that do not necessarily follow conventional standards of beauty. “There is a bit of provocation in this,” he explains, “as I play off the academic ideas of the way art should be, but theres’ also an invitation to see what else beauty entails.”

Calvin Lai describes art as “the monkey” that climbed on his back while he was making a self-portrait in kindergarten. He began his formal art education at San Francisco State University, where he received his BA in drawing and printmaking. He enrolled in the master’s program at Academy of Art University in 2008 and completed his MFA in painting in 2012. Since then he has devoted himself primarily to figurative and landscape subjects in oils. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has been featured in Southwest Art magazine.

425 Jefferson Gallery

Academy Showcase

Continuing Exhibition


Featuring the latest works by Amber Allen, Jihoon Choi, and Elena Padron-Martin, Academy Galleries newest space is located in the front of the historic Cannery Building, but is still accessible from the courtyard where the other four Cannery Galleries are located. Different address, but still the same building!