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Carolyn Meyer, SF+NYC

Artist Reception November 6, 5-8pm

Carolyn Meyer, SF+NYC

Urban landscapes are a favorite subject of Carolyn Meyer, and while she approaches all of her landscape and still life works with the same daring and fearlessness that has become her trademark, it is the cityscape that draws her back again and again, and has become a cornerstone of her career.  Her current Exhibition SF+NYC finds its inspiration in two of America’s most iconic cities, each a cultural center and symbol of the coast it represents.

Bridging the gap between realism and abstraction, Meyer displays an uncanny knack for capturing the essence of a city through keynote icons, whether they be the rooftop water tanks of New York or the precipitous hillsides and sweeping bridges of San Francisco. Her large canvases surround the viewer, engaging the senses and capturing the massive scale of the modern city. Distant rooflines dissolve into skies which surrender to a spectrum of urban grays ranging from from concrete to asphalt. Closer subjects bleed with local colors as cool shadows offset the heat of an afternoon sun. Surface and form are defined through a vigorous impasto that seems barely controlled, yet sure and deliberate, never tenuous or indecisive. Splatters of color seem more a by-product of urban vitality than a painterly device, a spontaneous result of the often abrasive urban environment where even the atmosphere takes on a gritty texture.

Carolyn Meyer completed her BFA and MFA degrees at Academy of Art University, and is currently the Associate Director of the School of Painting, where she continues to teach classes in abstract and urban landscape painting. SF+NYC will exhibit at Academy of Art University’s Atelier Gallery from November 5 through December 28. An artist’s reception will be held on November 6, from 5-8pm.

Carolyn Meyer, SF+NYC

625 Gallery

Haley Tucker, Inchoate

Artist Reception November 6, 5:30-7:30pm

Haley Tucker, Inchoate

Haley Tucker’s “Inchoate” is a series of self-portrait photographs taken in abandoned houses and buildings. The artist’s presence creates a dichotomy between the empty space and the ghostly intruder, who walks freely among the ruins yet clearly does not belong. Vacancy assumes its own personality, sketching out the empty spaces, yielding a negative impression that gives an uncanny sense of the former inhabitants through the traces they left behind.

“Growing up as an only child overfed my curious nature,” says Tucker. “I found myself constantly wondering how other people lived and if I was up to par by comparison.” Exploring abandoned houses provided a tangible medium and a literal metaphor; the solitary explorer seems to try on these environments like clothes, looking to fit into the empty, forgotten spaces.

Haley Tucker’s childhood curiosity has continually developed and matured into artistic inspiration. After graduating from California State University at San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, she enrolled in the MFA program at Academy of Art University, where she completed her MFA in Photography, specializing in analog photography and historic processes. She currently interns at Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, and teaches photography at The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement in Menlo Park.


The Cannery

19th Annual Faculty+Alumni Fine Art Auction

Saturday, November 8th, 2:00pm – Live Auction 3:00pm

19th Annual Faculty+Alumni Fine Art Auction

It’s that time again, and Academy of art University’s annual fundraising auction is back, bigger and better than ever. Once again, The Cannery Galleries will be filled to bursting with artworks available for bidding. Half of all proceeds go directly to the artists, the rest  to the Academy’s Fine Art Student Scholarship Fund. This is the perfect opportunity to build your collection while supporting the future of fine arts education. We hope to see you there!