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625 Gallery

Alibi L., Alvina Wang

Artist Reception Thursday, November 7th, 5:30-7:30pm

Inspired by a broken relationship, Alvina Wang’s Alibi L. is a very personal project about a Taiwanese-American girl struggling with her identity and her existence between two cultures and two countries. Through self portraiture, the artist personifies her feelings as an outsider, a ghost unseen among the living, haunting attics, alleyways, stairwells and window sills, seeking refuge in belonging.

Though intensely quiet, there is nothing passive about the lonely figure, wandering not out of lassitude but actively seeking, pleading for some form of acknowledgement or recognition. Yet even when obscured in shadow she is profoundly present, a perpetual outsider pacing barefoot through a foriegn landscape, so desperate to have some effect, to leave some trace on the environment. In each tableau, the spirit tries again and again to not merely occupy, but to become relevant.

“For you whom I have loved, thank you.” – Alvina Wang

Alvina Wang was born in the United States and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She received her MFA in photography at Academy of Art University, and currently lives and works as a photographer in San Francisco.