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625 Sutter Gallery

Shenping Wang – Limitation

Artist Reception March 5th, 5:30-7:30pm


The closer we are to physical boundaries, the more conscious we are of their influence on us. Shenping Wang’s sculpture series “Limitation” is a tangible realization of the artist’s experience of growing up in cramped living quarters. Although Sculpture is generally viewed in an infinite spatial context, each of these works seems intensely conscious of its surrounding space, which is too close for comfort.

“When I was a child, my parents and I lived in a small room and my bed was just a big wooden box,” says Wang. “When I grew older, the situation of narrow living space was still not changed. In my 19th year, I lived in a college dorm.” It’s a truism that creativity often thrives under the pressure of outside influence, and Wang’s sculpture benefits from his consciousness of spatial limitation. Linear aspects reinforce a feeling of reduced dimensionality, to the basic level of beginning and ending, ultimate limits for a lifespan. Figures stretch long, thin arms and legs in defiance of unseen boundaries which become perceptible through gesture and action.

Born in Beijing in 1980, Shenping Wang attended Beijing Technology and Business University, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in 2003. It wasn’t until years later that he felt the need to continue his art education, and so in 2011 he enrolled in the MFA program at Academy of Art University in 2011. “Limitation” is his debut solo exhibition.

Cannery Suite 104

Steven Stodor – Safe Harbor

Artist Reception March 5th, 5:30-7:30pm


Growing up in a Lake Michigan resort town, Steven Stodor was exposed to the imagery and culture of mega-yachts and regattas at an early age. Filtered through his working class roots, this heritage became the inspiration behind Stodor’s nautical themed abstract painting series “Safe Harbor.”

“Subconsciously, I think that I am now emulating the world I grew up around and wanted to be a part of, and not just work for,” says Stodor. “Water and life on the water have always been a natural part of my environment, and elemental source of self.” Embracing the specific gritty and weathered look of the nautical environment, Stodor’s vision appears romanticized, yet at the same time grounded in reality.

Steven Stodor moved to San Francisco in 2002 and began showing his artwork throughout the city in 2004. Feeling a desire to broaden his artistic horizon, he began studies at Academy of Art University, where he began to explore more abstract approach, and completed his BFA in Painting in 2013.

Cannery Suite 108

Ilya Shkipin – Transfusion

Artist Reception March 5th, 5:30-7:30pm


Ilya Shkipin focuses a questioning gaze at everyday life in his figurative painting series “Transfusion” looking beyond familiarity and beneath recognition. Although the subjects are often ordinary, their stylized agony and detachment from reality invoke a dreamlike setting. Vague backgrounds that tumble into infinity isolate the figures from context, leaving them exposed to direct consideration and surprisingly capable of expressive projection. Form and line retain a measure of autonomy, sometimes abandoning descriptive duty in favor of expressive effect.

“The line often exists by itself as a separate object, which just happens to run along the edges of the objects,” says Shkipin. “The line goes through forms, morphing objects and shapes.” The result is vibrant and chaotic, appealing to the senses and calling up vague, half-forgotten dreams that lend color to our own interpretations.

Russian born Ilya Shkipin trained under artist Pavel Tayber for four years before enrolling in Academy of Art University, where he received his BA in illustration in 2012. Over the years he completely reinvented his style from fantasy and sci-fi illustration to a more grotesque and surreal expressionist approach. His award winning work has appeared in print and online books and magazines. Today he lives and works as an illustrator and fine artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cannery Suite 110

Candi Jiang – My Geometric World

Artist Reception March 5th, 5:30-7:30pm


Joyfully rebelling against complacency in architecture, Candi Qianwen Jiang presents “My Geometric World” a photo series combining her love of architecture with her background in graphic design. Starting with the conventional black and white photographic approach, Jiang turns the everyday world into a kaleidoscope of unlimited possibilities.

“It stems from the boredom and sense of visual fatigue I feel as I see the architecture along the streets of San Francisco, which seems the same now as years ago,” says Jiang. “In order to shake it up, my concept is to change and displace the forms and structure of the buildings.” Photos of architectural elements from iconic cities such as San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, and Las Vegas become the building blocks of her photocollage process. Through digital post-processing Jiang transforms these fragments into fantastical structures that show us a world unconstrained by the laws of physics, where the only limits are those of her imagination.

Candi Jiang received her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and her MFA in Photography from Academy of Art University. Her art and design work has appeared in books and newspapers, and she has participated in numerous exhibition is the US and China. Drawing on extensive experience as a photographer in studio and television formats, Jiang currently lives and works as a freelance photographer in San Francisco.

Cannery Suite 112

Exploration and Discovery – Advanced Work in Jewelry and Metal Arts

Artist Reception March 5th, 5:30-7:30pm


A dynamic group exhibition of the latest work by students of the School of Jewelry and Metal Arts. Exhibiting artists include Dale Beevers, MFA; Carmen Liu, BFA; Azita Mireshghi, MFA; Colleen Scwarz, BFA.

435 Jefferson Gallery

Alumni Showcase

Continuing Exhibition


AAU Galleries’ newest exhibition space is now open, featuring recent works by Alumni Artists Yi Shin Chiang, Jihoon Choi, Lauren Crew, and Orly Ruaimi. Located at The Cannery, you’ll find the new gallery out along Jefferson Street, where a whole new audience can discover our awesome artists!


Samantha Buller/Jessica Slaymaker – Retrospective

Continuing Exhibition


Two of our most dynamic alumni artists, each with a distinctive approach that complements the other, are featured in the Atelier Gallery in January. Samantha’s spontaneous portrayal of everyday objects manages to stay grounded in a wonderfully altered reality, while Jessica’s poured resin creations abandon objectivity in favor of cause and effect as depicted in the interactions of swirling colors.