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625 Gallery

Reminisce 1950’s, Abigail VanCannon

Artists Reception: Thursday, March 7, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Abigail VanCannon Truckee Pumps Oil on Canvas

Abigail VanCannon considers herself both an artist and a storyteller. Paying attention to every detail of dress, décor and place, she transports the viewer back in time with her series, Reminisce 1950’s. By photographing her models in settings where every detail is true to the era, she is able to preserve the authenticity of the period in her work. Like the title implies, there is an underlying tone of nostalgia that is evoked from the simple moments of life that are the focus of the series.  VanCannon earned a BFA in Fine Art, Painting from Iowa State University before receiving an MFA in Fine Art, Painting from Academy of Art University in 2012. She currently lives and works in Sacramento, CA.

104 Gallery @ the Cannery

Layers of Vanity, Melissa Small

Artist Reception: Thursday, March 7 5:30 – 7:30pm

Wearing Fine Wine

Contrary to the seemingly trivial subjects of daily life such as lipstick and nail polish, Melissa Small’s series, Layers of Vanity, tackles the much deeper subject of female image and identity in contemporary culture. By focusing on makeup and shoes, Small hopes to urge the viewer to think about the actions that many women take to accentuate or conceal parts of themselves. Working with a colorful palette and keeping her compositions simple, she is able to “keep things lighthearted but promote thoughtfulness.” Melissa graduated with a BA in studio arts from Hartwick in 2008 before receiving her MFA in Fine Art, Painting from Academy of Art University in 2012

112 Gallery @ the Cannery

Reality & Ideality, Taeil Kim

Artist Reception: Thursday, March 7 5:30 – 7:30pm

Taeil 1
Taeil 2

Taeil Kim begins his art by thinking, “how will I observe and re-create the figure?” Influenced by his observations of people’s daily interactions with nature, he is able to create moving and unique portraits. Kim is heavily influenced by the work of such masters as Rembrandt and 19th Century Impressionism. These influences are reflected in the expressive brushwork and heavy use of Chiaroscuro he employs to add drama and depth to his paintings. The result is a beautiful and cohesive body of work. Kim received his MFA in Fine Art, Illustration from Academy of Art University in 2012.