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Cannery Suite 104

Theo Felizzola, A Touch of Light

Artist Reception June 5, 5:30-7:30pm

Theo Felizzola, A Touch of Light

Theo Felizzola’s oil painting series “A Touch of Light” draws on the long artistic tradition of finding inspiration in the female form, yet presents the subject in the fresh terms of contemporary realism.

“I’ve come to the understanding that it’s my job as an artist to create extraordinary paintings from ordinary subjects,” says Felizzola, who works with friends, classmates, and local women as models. “It is from their delicate poses, smooth gestures, and simple feminine beauty that I start each piece.”

By allowing the underlying inspiration to guide the painting process, Felizzola conveys mood and emotion while eliminating extraneous details. Backgrounds recede while careful development of focal points, such as jewelry or facial highlights, enhance without distracting. Unity of purpose ensures depth of exploration; feminine beauty is always kept forefront.

Born and raised in Brazil, Theo Felizzola’s love of sports was matched only by his love of drawing and animation. His interest in the visual creative world led him to a BA in Digital Communications from Unisinos and a BFA in Illustration from Academy of Art University. Having discovered a love of oil painting, he stayed on to complete his MFA in Painting in 2013. He has exhibited in the US and in Brazil, where he has also ministered workshops in figure drawing and painting.

Cannery Suite 108

Academy of Art University 2014 Spring Show  – Fine Art Sculpture

Academy of Art University 2014 Spring Show  – Fine Art Sculpture

Cannery Suite 110

Farnaz Tasbihgoo, The Trapped

Artist Reception June 5, 5:30-7:30pm

Farnaz Tasbihgoo, Hidden Hatch

Conflicting themes of comfort and restlessness lie at the heart of Farnaz Tasbihgoo’s self-portrait photography series “The Trapped” in which the artist explores ambivalent feelings about her personal journey. Placing herself in starkly inhospitable environments and wearing nothing more than the Islamic Chador veil, she defines boundaries in both physical and cultural terms. The crumbling walls and diaphanous veil offer limited but elective protection, comfortable in their familiarity, yet easily escaped if so desired.

“These abandoned and partially demolished locations represent a temple of entrapment” says Tasbihgoo. “It’s a temple in which I have been imprisoned, yet I feel safe and comfortable. But at the same time, I know I must get out.” Cultural taboos that once offered security have become barriers on the artist’s pilgrimage to express her true feelings, yet they are forsaken only at a price.

Raised in Iran by two architect parents, Farnaz Tasbihgoo was encouraged to study art from an early age. The gift of a camera at age 11 would prove to be most influential, as photography has been a mainstay throughout her artistic training. While studying for her AA in Painting at Azad University in Tehran and her BA in Architecture from École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, she always incorporated photography in her work. Tasbihgoo completed her MFA in Photography at Academy of Art University in 2013 and today lives and works as a photographer in the Bay Area.

Farnaz Tasbihgoo - Haze of Light

Cannery Suite 112

Lisa Moore-Long, Unique Forms in Nature

Artist Reception June 5, 5:30-7:30pm

Lisa Moore-Long, Unique Forms in Nature

It is often said that the job of an artist is to show us things unseen. Lisa Moore-Long’s “Unique Forms in Nature” takes this concept a step further by exploring patterns and forms in natural objects we see all around us. Striving to liberate the hidden forms in leaves, mushrooms, or pinecones, she uses them as the genesis for her sculpture pieces.

“When I am hiking, I always look for the faces, figures, or animal forms found in roots or bark,” explains Moore-Long. “I see little personalities in a piece of driftwood that looks like an old man’s face or a swimming figure.” Whether anthropomorphic features in wood or mathematical spirals in a pine cone, Moore-Long transforms these natural phenomena into ceramic or steel, adding permanence to the ephemeral, artistically fossilizing a moment of natural history.

Born and raised in New York State, Lisa Moore-Long studied at Hobart William Smith Colleges, earning her BA in Sociology along with a Studio Art Minor. Once she realized that art was her true calling, she came to San Francisco and completed her MFA in Sculpture at Academy of Art University in 2014. Her work has been exhibited at  the AAU 2013 Spring Show and at other venues including the deYoung Museum.

625 Gallery

Nina Fabunmi, Origins

Artist Reception June 5, 5:30-7:30pm

Nina Fabunmi, Origins

“My art is a celebration of our roots, the simplicity of our culture, the beauty of our land, the values that we still practice, the wealth of our people, that which makes us who we are. As an African Ambassador, art is my language and as you appreciate the work of my hands, you become a part of it too.”

With bright warm colors providing a luminescent glow that seems at times to light her subjects from within, Nina Fabunmi’s portrait series “Origins” represents the latest stage of a long artistic journey, and a the fulfilment of her childhood dreams. Born and raised in Nigeria, Fabunmi’s earliest memories are of drawing and making art. Encouraged by her parents to enter a more conventional profession, she set aside artistic ambitions and eventualy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estaste. But while working in the banking, telecommunications and real estate industries, Fabunmi kept up her drawing and painting as a hobby. In time, she came to the attention of a local gallery and began exhibiting with ever increasing success.

A major commission provided the financial breakthrough Fabunmi needed to return to school and resume her education on her own terms. She completed her MFA in Painting from Academy of Art University in 2014, and her paintings and book illustrations have shown in galleries and museums in The United States and Nigeria.



2014 Spring Show Award Winners

2014 Spring Show Award Winners