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Cannery Suite 104

Inderpreet Kaur – The Allure of Northern California

Artist Reception July 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm


Inspired by the natural beauty of the Lake Tahoe area, Inderpreet Kaur’s landscape series The Allure of Northern California aims to document scenes of this distinctive region and preserve them through painting.

The primary element of Kaur’s landscapes is water. “I love to experience and enjoy places where there is water, although I do not know how to swim,” says Kaur. “This feeling of not knowing how to swim scares me, so I like to paint water to overcome that fear.” She works from photographs taken on location, then builds her paintings layer upon layer with an eye toward conveying the essence of mood, and the richness of the landscape.

Inderpreet Kaur was born in New Delhi, India, and raised in a Sikh family. While her artwork was encouraged at home, it was not developed in the outside world because of religious oppression of women at the time. Kaur was able to earn Her Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Delhi in 2004, and went on to complete the Professional Textile Design Course at the National Institute of Fashion Designing, New Delhi, in 2006. She currently lives in California and is pursuing her MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University. Her work has shown in group and solo exhibitions the US, India, and Basel, Germany.

Cannery Suite 108

Lucinda Lynch – The Now Series

Artist Reception July 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm


Based entirely in the artistic process, Lucinda Lynch’s The Now Series seeks to capture the serendipitous discoveries inherent in the physical application of colors to canvas. Unpremeditated and non-representational, these paintings are exploratory in nature, and represent the artist’s emotional journey into the experience of the present: the Now.

“I begin by planting myself before a large piece of paper or canvas stapled to the wall and flinging washes of color and drips or stab slashes of color and see what comes out,” says Lynch. “I try to keep judgmental or censorious thoughts at bay so that expression is not constricted.” Rotating the canvas, sometimes working horizontally on the floor, sometimes tearing and gluing layers, the process is always a search for the unexpected, for the discovery of the moment, and the creation of something entirely new.

Lucinda Lynch began grew up in an artistic family, and was trained in art from the age of 8 by her father who was a fashion illustrator. She studied marble carving at Pietrasanta, Italy, and continued to carve stone at Santa Fe Community College. She went on to study Bronze casting at Highland University, and completed her BFA at Academy of Art University in 1991. Lynch currently resides in Santa Cruz, California, and works in mixed media and collage on large canvases.

Cannery Suite 110

Tamara Jordan Lindsay – Coming of Age

Artist Reception July 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm


Tamara Jordan Lindsay’s series Coming of Age grew out of transitions she experienced in her personal life and those of her children over the past several years. Times of change led to introspection, self examination of identity and life path, which distilled the transitions into the discreet moments that capture the emotional essence of life’s transitions. Yet while intensely personal, Lindsay’s realizations celebrate the beauty and purpose of everyday life, and remain accessible to all.

“My goal is to capture tension, emotion, fear, excitement or peace in a moment of discovery,” says Lindsay. “I see this theme as universal and I hope my work will touch a common chord in others.” Vivid colors and soft rendering take us one step back from objective reality, and provide access to the artist’s intense, personal connection to these moments. Universal themes of growing up, the acknowledgement of the passing of life’s milestones, new experiences and sensations, all come together with a frank, snapshot-like honesty.

A native of Mobile Alabama, Tamara Jordan Lindsay spent much of her career as an engineer and analyst. After experimenting with painting in watercolor and oils, Lindsay moved to Utah in the early ‘90s, where she began painting at a community art class. She has since studied art at the University of Utah and is currently pursuing her MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University. She has participated in dozens of exhibitions, and received several awards, including a residency at Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts in 2012.

Cannery Suite 112

Althea Neustaedter – Shifting Frequencies

Artist Reception July 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm


Althea Neustaedter’s artistic thesis centers around the concept that we live in the midst of two competing timelines, one of destruction, the other of unity consciousness. In Shifting Frequencies, she illustrates this duality. Combining a framework of of sacred geometry with iconic representational imagery, Neustaedter plots a spiritual narrative derived from dreams and cultural imagery, showing the intersections of these competing universes.

“This fight between the spiritual inner world and the pressure of the artificial world is programmed into us from a very young age,” says Neustaedter. “My work tells a story of an awakening that happens through going inward as well as becoming aware of the program that is around us.” Shifting Frequencies is intended to illustrate the issues of the modern world and all their dangers, as well as to ignite a spiritual revolution within each of us. The story behind each painting is offered as an inspiration to awaken the viewer from the deep sleep of contemporary existence.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Althea Neustaedter began her artistic studies with a Landscape painting summer program at University of Art in Florence, Italy, and later at California College of the Arts, where she earned her BFA in Illustration. She is currently on track to complete her MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University in 2015.

625 Sutter Gallery

Matthew Terry – Revisiting Past Exposures

Opening Night July 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm


We’ve all had the experience of revisiting a place after an absence, only to discover that is isn’t the same as we remember. This phenomenon is the inspiration behind Mathew Terry’s photo series Revisiting Past Exposures. Terry juxtaposes old images with new, confronting the present with photographic evidence of its past.

Revisiting Past Exposures is primarily inspired by the idea that when you see a place an image of it is created in your mind, and until revisiting it, you view it as your mind previously saw it,” says Terry. “Sometimes when you return you realize things aren’t quite as you remembered, and these two sections of time don’t blend so smoothly into one another.” While the photographs show the reality of changes over time, they also suggest an awkward realization that our memories are not as perfect as we think, and we are suddenly less sure of our memory-vision of the world around us. We are able take comfort in the photographic proof as our interior vision is restored and brought up to date – at least for the time being.

Matthew Terry has been inseparable form his camera since he turned 17, which is 9 years and counting. Although he primarily shoots in digital format, his first photographic experience was in the wet darkroom and the classic film process remains close to his heart. Terry completed his BFA in Photography with a focus in Fine Art Photography at Academy of Art University in December 2014. His work has exhibited at many galleries and businesses across the United States, and he was a featured photographer in the 2013 RAWARDS Final Showcase, representing his home state of Iowa as one of only five finalists.

Atelier Gallery

Alumni Spotlight

Extended Run, 7/2 – 8/30: Artist Reception July 10th, 5:30-7:30pm


Based in painful memories of parental doubt and ridicule, Han Jiang transforms childhood drama into dynamic motivation and a source of inspiration for his painting series Dark Illusion. Themes of a fragile refuge sought in books and movies, of dolls and Chinese fairytales, are played out in luminous plastic-toy colors; fragile, frightened dolls submerged like drowned Ophelias, become surrogate vessels of emotional expression.

Translating mental imagery into paint, Shawn Vales abstract series Into Space begins with visualization through meditation. By allowing color and form to manifest entirely free of external stimulation, Vales taps inner energies in search of a balance not easily deduced, but simply felt. A series of juxtapositional dualities such as soft and hard edges, active and passive areas, thin and thick textures, parallel his inner negotiation between intuition and method.

435 Jefferson Gallery

Academy Showcase

Continuing Exhibition


AAU Galleries’ newest exhibition space is now open, featuring recent works by student and alumni artists Cole Carter, Johnnie Chatman, Nic Weber, and Lucas Bononi. Located at The Cannery, you’ll find the new gallery out along Jefferson Street, where a whole new audience can discover our awesome artists!