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Cannery Suite 104

Jane Cavala – In Situ

Artist Reception January 7th, 5:30-7:30pm


Exploring the the idea of people in their most comfortable state of being, Jane Cavala’s In Situ depicts people in quiet moments of reflection, in harmonic resonance with their surroundings, when they are most authentically themselves.

“Most of us have corners that we occupy, a seat we frequent, even in a foreign setting – ” says Cavala, “a body stance that we take when in deep conversation or contemplation.” The paintings are intended to be quiet, to open a window to authentic contemplation, the moment between moments.

Jane Cavala’s first art lessons came from a Saturday morning TV show called Learn to Draw. Growing up in the Laguna Beach community, she enjoyed the local gallery scene and eventually made her way to San Francisco, enrolling in UC Berkeley, where she began her formal studies in Art, where she earned her BA in design, graduating with honors. Today she is working towards her MFA at Academy of Art University. In Situ is her debut solo exhibition.

Cannery Suites 108-112

California Watercolor Association – Water + Color

Artist Reception January 7th, 5:30-7:30pm


Water + Color is the 46th National exhibition of  California Watercolor Association, showcasing the finest in all watercolor styles and disciplines. This special exhibition will run through February in three of our Cannery Galleries.

435 Jefferson Gallery

Zhe Li – Evocative Landscapes

Artist Reception January 7th, 5:30-7:30pm


Inspired by the beauty of iconic California settings, Zhe Li’s Evocative Landscapes combines an impressionist appreciation of light with the unfettered freedom of expressionism. Guided as much by intuition and memory as direct observation, Li allows her joy and enthusiasm to shine through as she captures not only the natural beauty of the scene, but that of her own reaction as she incorporates the emotional experience into her finished works.

“I express my upbeat mood using patterns of light and dark in nature to create the illusion of depth” says Li. “In most of my work, I use loose brushstrokes, soft edges, and emotive colors.” The scenes of Evocative Landscapes record her interpretations of three California settings, Yosemite, Napa, and Fairfax.

625 Sutter Gallery

Silver Spillers – Fine Art Photography Group Show

Continuing Exhibition


Showcasing contemporary interpretations of historic photographic processes by Anette Marweld, Gabe Riddle, Another Lu, Lucky Lu, and Rachel M. Liu.