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Cannery Suite 112

Jean Davis – Emergence

Artist Reception January 8th, 5:30-7:30pm

Jean Davis | Emergence

Jean Davis’s “Emergence” investigates the ways in which the natural theory of emergence, seen in the formation of snowflakes and in ripples on sand dunes, influences the outcome of artistic creation. “Inflicting control upon a system does not actually bring order,” she explains. “It makes things more chaotic and forces the natural laws of the system to emerge.” Determining when to assert control and where to look for results is the key to her artistic process.

625 Sutter Gallery

Isabel Gonzales – The Medium is the Message

Artist Reception January 8th, 5:30-7:30pm

Isabel Gonzales | The Medium is the Message | Ghostwriter

Breaking through the passive surface of traditional photography, Isabel Gonzales enlists a wide range materials as photographic supports as she strives to extend context beyond the surface in her debut Solo exhibition “The Medium is the Message.” Taking a multimedia approach, she prints portraits of people in her life on non-traditional surfaces. By providing relevant details that do not normally show up in a photograph, she reaches beyond representation and into the realm of interpretation.


Cannery Suite 104

Kaixin Yu – Beauty Lost Identity

Continuing Exhibition

Kaixin Yu | Beauty Lost Identity

Kaixin Yu’s debut solo exhibition “Beauty Lost Identity” explores a duality of Victorian society in which the celebration of women and beauty is interwoven with the suppression of female strength. Sculptural jewelry pieces feature images of women and highlight structural and mechanical motifs reminiscent of the industrial age. Her wide range of formats and styles yield a comprehensive line of jewelry with a strong unifying theme.


Cannery Suite 108

Dongze Huo – Transformative Connections

Continuing Exhibition

Dongze Huo | Transformative Connections

Adapting to a new culture means subjecting oneself to profound change. In Dongze Huo’s debut solo exhibition “Transformative Connections,” the artist’s draws on his experience of acclimation to America in order to inspire his artwork. Uncertainty and conflict become an engine of invention. “My artwork process is to let go of control, never think of the ultimate effect, and accept the happy accident. This is my growth and my life experience.”


Cannery Suite 110

Nathan Nash – Neglected Spaces

Continuing Exhibition

Nathan Nash | Neglected Spaces

Having spent his early life in rural Alaska, Nathan Nash grew up with little exposure to urban architecture. It’s no surprise then, that moving to San Francisco should profoundly influence his artistic vision. Combining an artist’s eye with a fresh viewpoint, Nash explores the structural aspects of architecture that pass beneath the notice of most city dwellers. His exhibition “Neglected Spaces” examines these unseen elements, the angles, corners, and surfaces that make up the urban environment.



Jessica Slaymaker – Retrospective

Jessica Slaymaker | Retrospective

A native to Anchorage Alaska, Jessica Slaymaker moved to San Francisco to attend Academy of Art University. Using epoxy as her chosen medium, Ms. Slaymaker creates dynamic, fluid expressions of color that visually entice the viewer.