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688 Sutter Gallery

Cole Carter - Available Space

Artist Reception February 4th, 5:30-7:30pm


"Some would describe me as a wallflower or a spectator, but I would describe myself as an observer of overlooked subjects," says fine art photographer Cole Carter. His debut solo exhibition Available Space showcases his most recent works examining the minutiae of daily life, and its arrangements and juxtapositions that might otherwise pass unnoticed. "Whether I recreate moments from the cloudiness of my consciousness, or locate unusual subjects in chaotic contexts, I arrange my compositions like an intricate jigsaw puzzle."

Cole Carter completed his BFA in Photography at Academy of Art University in 2013, and has interned at the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. His work has been featured in numerous print and online magazines.

435 Jefferson Gallery

Ai Di Lin - My Father And I

Artist Reception February 4th, 5:30-7:30pm


Ai Di Lin’s portrait series My Father And I stands as a visual record of the examination of the artist's seeking for a deeper understanding of the complex relationship with her father. Through observation of daily life moments, Lin combines direct representation with expressive interpretation.

"Growing up, the communication barrier between my father and me caused a sense of emptiness in my heart," says Lin. "Many years later,  I started to realize that the problem we had was refusing to walk in each other's shoes." Snapshot like perspectives invite the viewer to participate and explore the intimate truths they reveal.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Ai Di Lin received her Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from National Taiwan Normal University in 2012. Her love of art prompted her to study fine art at Academy of Art University, where she completed her MFA in Painting in 2015.

625 Sutter Gallery

Agnieszka Pilat - Time Deconstructed

Artist Reception February 4th, 5:30-7:30pm


Using realistic techniques to depict an abstract concept, Agnieszka Pilat's Time Deconstructed stands a well-established concept on its head, reversing the practice depicting realistic subjects through abstract design into exactly the opposite. "I don’t paint people, I paint time," says Pilat. "When people insist they are portraits, I tell them they are portraits of time, not of people."

Pilat prefers working in a large format, with linen canvas nailed to a wooden surface, providing the support necessary for her dynamic approach that includes wiping techniques and working with a pallete knife. Color is considered as almost an afterthought, as her faded, low-saturation hues suggest the entropy inherent in the passage of time.

Atelier Gallery

Nina Fabunmi - The Haven

Note Special Artist Reception Date:  February 19th, 5:30-7:30pm


Depicting lives and environments of the San Francisco Bay Area, Nina Fabunmi's The Haven showcases the full range of her artistic scope, as inspired by the always colorful subjects we see every day. Working primarily with a pallet knife, Fabunmi takes a direct approach with bold impasto techniques. "I paint, paste, scratch, drip, sprinkle, and splatter to build layer of texture in order to include details of an unspoken account," she says. "I sometimes include symbols and mark making as a tribute to my African roots."

Fabunmi divides her focus between figurative and landscape works, yet seeks out the common ground between the two genres. "My paintings capture the energetic splendor, peace, and serenity of the Bay Area and the diversity of its people," says Fabunmi. "Each day I wake up in this beautiful city, I consider it a blessing, a privilege, and an honor."

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Nina Fabunmi's earliest memories are of making art. Although her parents urged her towards what they saw as a more practical career in real estate, Fabunmi enrolled in the masters program at Academy of Art University and completed her MFA in Painting in 2014. Today she lives and works as a full time painter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cannery Suites 110-112

California Watercolor Association -  Water + Color

Continuing Exhibition


Water + Color is the 46th National exhibition of  California Watercolor Association, showcasing the finest in all watercolor styles and disciplines. This special exhibition will run through February in two of our Cannery Galleries.