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Cannery Suite 110

Huang Ping-Han – Painting Diary of San Francisco

Artist Reception December 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm


Attracted by the unique visual aspects of local landscape imagery, Huang Ping-Han’s Painting Diary of San Francisco chronicles the artist’s impressions as a recent arrival. While Ping-Han sees his relative unfamiliarity with San Francisco as a possible hindrance, nothing could be further from the truth. His fresh viewpoint, unpolluted and unjaded by the oversaturation long time residents may feel when looking at a painting of a familiar landmark, revitalizes the picturesque scenes we are sometimes in danger of taking for granted. The universal attraction of these scenes shines through the veneer of the commonplace, giving them a unique vivacity rooted deep within Ping-Han’s artistic vision.

Growing up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Huang Ping-Han has lived in San Francisco only three years. He completed his BFA and MFA degrees at National Taiwan University of Arts, and has since enrolled in the MFA program at Academy of Art University, where he is on track to complete his MFA in Painting in 2015. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, received several awards, and has worked as a children’s fine art teacher. He is an accomplished photographer and painter, specializing in local landscapes.

Cannery Suite 112

Welat Najeeb – Reconstructing Natural Forms

Artist Reception December 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm


“I am drawn to the contrast between smith and rough, organic and geometric, natural and manmade,” says Welat Najeeb of his debut solo exhibition Reconstructing Natural Forms. “I want to show the viewer how I see and to explore what happens as the viewer approaches the work.” Recognizing that we are all part of nature, Najeeb is interested in finding out how we all approach art in our own unique way. By focusing on the interplay between dissimilar surfaces and materials, he leads us to the various points of intersection in hopes of triggering our own interpretive powers of imagination.

Growing up in Kurdish Iraq, Welat Najeeb studied ceramics at the Institute of Fine Arts in Duhok and later at Salahaddin University in Irbil. He is currently pursuing his MFA in sculpture at Academy of Art University,which he is on track to complete in December, 2015.

625 Sutter Gallery

Xiangyi Li – Memories

Artist Reception December 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm


In her debut solo exhibition Memories, Xiangyi Li explores sill life painting as a metaphor for personal expression. While  traditional still life often takes a more realist approach, sometimes almost photographically so, Li has taken a distinctly expressive approach. She invokes the metaphor of bottles, not merely as containers for liquids, but for memories, dreams, emotions, and life experiences. The bold depiction of shapes and light without regard for intricacies of detail echo the way we try to preserve our sense memories, but end up with a compromise – an idealized summation of what we wish to remember and what we cannot forget.

Xiangyi Li receiver her BA in Commerce from Dalian University, Liaoning, China, in 2007. Since then she has received awards for ship modeling and calligraphy, and completed her MFA in Painting at Academy of Art University in 2012. Today she draws inspiration from memories of her youth spent traveling around the world, and from her collection of old bottles, which she visualizes as containers of the memories of her past.

435 Jefferson Gallery

Hamilton Cline – Portrait Quarterly

Artist Reception December 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm


If you’ve ever seen someone sketching people on a San Francisco bus or streetcar, it may well have been Hamilton Cline, and you may well have been immortalized in art. Portrait Quarterly is a collection of his latest and favorite works, selected from the pages of his book of the same name. He likes to work digitally on a Samsung Note 3, and wants to say “if you see someone drawing on the train in your city, it’s probably ok to say hi. I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but I would love to have a conversation with you, if I’m not too busy.” Yet another reason for embracing public transportation!

Cannery Suite 104

Silver Spillers – Fine Art Photography Group Show

Artist Reception December 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm


Showcasing contemporary interpretations of historic photographic processes by Anette Marweld, Gabe Riddle, Another Lu, Lucky Lu, Rachel M. Liu.

Cannery Suite 108

24 Hours in San Francisco – Editorial Photography Group Show

Artist Reception December 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm


Showcasing works by Victor Cobian, Miguel Elias, Allie Foraker, Ariel Lin, Anna Lystad, Joshua Sa, Christine Tjandra, Natalia Villalobos,Visarut Teerawatvichaikul, and Marcello Maiorana.

Atelier Gallery

Ah-young Jeon – Never Again

Exhibition Continues through December 28th


Ah-young Jeon’s Never Again seizes on the impossibility of re-experiencing a moment in time, or even of experiencing that moment in the same way as someone else, and presents us with snapshot glimpses of reality frozen in motion. “I believe that everything is held together by our memories of experience, ultimately making each action from that experience completely unique to history,” says Jeon. “The idea of living in the moment becomes more precious, and a deeper understanding of originality is realized. As an artist I am interested in watching the flow of materials, while trying to manage and also witness their nature.”

Adopting a small format for the majority of the pieces, Jeon keeps the scope personal and intimate. Mixed media collage techniques form a framework for further manipulation through paint and application of found objects. The result suggests reality filtered through the reactions of an unseen viewer, reactions that we can see and experience, but perhaps not readily understand.