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Modifiers + Amplifiers

Modifiers + Amplifiers

A collaborative project beween Architecture 609 students and Fashion students at Atelier through 4.12, 2013.

Growing Extreme

Arch 609: Intermediate Design Studio

Instructors: Monica Tiulescu and Alex Neyman

The work is the invention of an aggregate component system that operates as a tectonic textile. The tectonic textile functions as a prosthetic at multiple scales. From the scale of the body, to a landscape and building, the system exhibits structural capacity, surface quality and volume. The logic of design is generated through a rule-based process of growth, that capitalizes on aggregation, variation, and evolution.

The course explored two parallel operations. The first, was research into the philosophical and physical implications of body modification, as it relates to social identity. The second, was the precise development of a building block system that maneuvers like an evolving ecology. This happens through adaption and in result, it exhibits emergent behavior.

The given architectural program, a reality TV studio for body modification, exhibits and celebrates the concept of grotesque and authenticity. The projects capitalize on beautiful deformations, the procedure and process of transmutation, and the cultural practice of extreme adornment to the point of creating multiple identity or indefinable identity.

The building and site program proposes an interactive environment for public spectacle and interactive events. The goal of this work is to create an incorporated form, structure and surface that augments multiple conditions and forms of its host site. In effect, the process and product will expand our notion of performative form, structures, spatial hybridization, and ornamentation/aesthetics.

The project operate more like an opportunistic species then an architectural typology. Form is the consequence of function of the variegated intensification.