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2013 — Here We Go!

Late is better than never.

A new year and more art than ever to entertain, stimulate and enlighten us. We are excited to bring a host of new student, faculty and alumni art to Atelier, 625 Gallery and Gallery Row at the Cannery in 2013. We hope to make this our best year yet! Since it is the time for resolutions, we wanted to share ours with you. This year’s theme: MORE!

  1. Blog more. WAY more. We’ve been slacking these past few months. More artist interviews, more reviews, more art!
  2. Visit more museums, more galleries, more art walks. So much to see and we’re going to see it!
  3. Promote MORE art! Yes, this is already what we do, but we want to do it better and go BIGGER!

Cheers to a New Year!